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Global sales partners

United Kingdom

Moravek International

Specialist in in-line carbonisation, combined with our cleaning and filling solutions.

The PLC's talk together and adjust the filling pressure exactly to the incomming CO2 values.

South Africa

Dematech Pty Ltd

Dematec is a technical support company, keeping local stock for spareparts.

Dematech Pty Ltd. was formed in 1993 by Mario and his wife Annemarie.

We currently have offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Angola and Cape Town (headquarters).

Since 1993 Dematech is the exclusive agent of many quality companies:


13 Michigan Street

Airport Industria

7490 Cape Town

South Africa




Splatt Engineering

Splatt Engineering Group are food and beverage engineers servicing the industry since 1969.
We are very well respected in the industry and are a family company with three generations at the helm.

Since opening our first small factory in Sth Yarra over forty years ago, we have moved to a much larger factory complex with a full engineering workshop and a team of engineers, technicians and PLC programming facilities.

49 - 51 Geddes St Mulgrave VIC 3170 Australia



Moses Beer   – The Beer Cultural Center in Israel
Import and Exporting  raw materials and equipment for beer and food.
Local presence in a global market!






United States of Amerika

Pro Engineering & Manufacturing

Pro Engineering USA

Installation and service partner in the USA.

Specialist in tunnel pateurization and packing solutions.

Operating from Milwaukee, Winsconsin.

Baltic States and Belarus.

Estonia / Lithuania / Latvia / Belarus are being served with our long existing Partner A Priori.

Saulé Vidziené will help you with your KEG cleaning and filling requests.



Proud partner of:


62, rue Charles Courtois

54210 Saint-Nicolas-de-Port