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World Beer Cup in Nashville Tennesse on May 3rd 2018

You are invited to participate in the World Beer Cup.

The most prestigious beer competition in the world.

Brewery registration is open through November 14.

Join us for the Olympics of Beer May 3, 2018

In legendary Nashville, Tennessee

Register now at WorldBeerCup.org



Hierbij nodigen wij u uit om deel te nemen aan de World Beer Cup.

De meest prestigieuze beer competitie van de Wereld.

Brouwerijen kunnen zich tot en met 14 november aanmelden.

Doe mee met de Olympische spelen van het Bier op 3 Mei 2018!

In het legendarische Nashville, Tennessee

 Registreer NU op worldBeerCup.org

m+f Top Hygenic Combihead  in Hybrid machines.

Recently we see two developments in the KEG filling market;

1>     Smaller, better to handle KEGs, 30 Liter instead of 50 Liter, which means that the same amount of beer has to be filled in more KEGs. A higher speed or more operating hours as a result.

2>     One way KEGs, where food safety items  can be the small difference in keeping or losing a customer. Underfill or even overfill are new items in the Beer filling industrie.

To find solutions for these two challanges m+f designed the Top Hygenic Combihead.

We can now supply all our full automatic KEG cleaning and filling machines with a food safe and fully automatic Combihead.

This means that returnable KEGs get the normal cleaning and filling cycles. m+f has solutions up to 120 KEGs per hour on 1 filling head.

One Way KEGs with their specific filling procedures can be filled on the same machine.

Changing KEG types takes less than 1 minute per head, and you have to choose the right program in the PLC.

Your return on investment and bringing down risks are optimized.

Get in contact with one of our technical sales advisers to do the calculations.

Minomat Hybrid at Püls Brau Weismain – Germany

GP KegCaps ROUND KeyKeg caps

The European specialist in personalized round caps for KEGs has developed the solution for automated capping of KeyKegs.

See the GP KegCaps website for all Details


And ask our m+f specialist for the automated capping of KeyKegs and Stainless steel KEGs.


Modular Erweiterbar

Störtebecker investiert in Fassproduktion

For more details click here to download the PDF