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Some of our global references

m+f MONOMAT Brouwerij Hoop Zaandijk-NL









Machine:            MONOMAT

Installed:             March 2017

Option:                CO2 pre presurisation


m+f 5 Star refurbished MICROMAT M 4/2  Whitewater N-IRE

Machine:            MICROMAT M 4/2

Installed:             June 2017

Option:                KEG Slide

m+f MICROMAT M 2/2b  Brouwerij de Leckere NL

Machine:            MICROMAT M 2/2b

Installed:             June 2017

Option:                Hot water Tank / Flow Meter / Mediastation / Product supply system

Installation of pipework by brouwerijsupport

Installation of CO2 buffertank by Eurocarbo

m+f MICROMAT A 4/2  von Trapp Brewing Vermont USA

Machine:            MICROMAT A 4/2

Installed:             2014

Remark from Walt Frame: We are very happy with the m+f KEG system. "It's our "workhorse"